Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mushroom Sauté

I visited the Princeton farmers' market last week on Thursday.  I like it better than the Friday markets, since I only have to go to one to see all the vendors I want, and Princeton just makes you feel good about life.  I got some cremini mushrooms at the market, and still had some asparagus from the previous week, so I made this Mushroom Sauté from Super Natural Every Day.  I made a whole bunch of (mostly minor) adjustments, but I think I was still true to the spirit of the recipe.  Mainly, I left out the seitan, which I have no interest in as of now, but who knows, I might change my mind one day.  We made a quick and simple fried rice to go along with it, from the leftover rice from earlier in the week.  This was so quick and perfect for a weeknight.  You know those recipes that pretend to be fast weeknight recipes?  This was the real deal.  I can imagine making this again, with other vegetables instead of the asparagus - broccoli, definitely.

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