Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 4

This week's CSA situation was a little unusual.  Some Pennington members were invited to pick strawberries at the Chesterfield farm.  It's too far for me to do both, so I asked my mom to go to Pennington - there was nothing to pick anyway - and I went to Chesterfield.  I got 8 quarts of strawberries!  The plan is to freeze them all.  Beyond smoothies, you can use frozen strawberries in pies or other desserts, and you can even make jam/preserves to can.

Here's part of a note my mom sent me:
"Used one bok choy and a garlic scape (should have used more) in a chicken stir fry.
(The sign said " Use as you would chives or steam, stir-fry, or use raw in tossed salads or dips.")
Strawberries were scarce. I almost filled a quart. I could have stayed longer to fill it (I only went down two rows), but it was too much work.  I haven't tasted any yet, but they should be okay."

My mom sent me some pictures to let me know what we got in our share at Pennington.  Now you can see how our CSA works!  These pictures are from the distribution center.  My mom got 2 bunches of kale and 2 bok choy from the choice groups you can see below.

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