Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 5

Yesterday was CSA pickup day.  There was nothing to pick except herbs, which we didn't take.  I liked the whole taking pictures of the signs thing, since I didn't have to remember the quantities, so below you can see what we got.  Some of the pictures are clear enough to show the farm's suggestions for what to do with the produce, which are often written on the signs.

I have been cooking a bit, but there's not too much produce yet, and my mom has been keeping most of it.  This week, I took the cucumbers, which I plan to use for refrigerator pickles, since they're pickling cucumbers.  I also took the garlic scapes, with which I plan to make this dip, and maybe some garlic scape pesto or garlic scape soup.  I remember last year when we got our green garlic, the huge dried out stems were still attached.  I guess someone wised up that garlic scapes would allow more of the plant to be used.  This is pretty exciting for me, since I've never actually had them before.

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