Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CSA 2012: Week 11

We don't like the variety of basil our CSA offers, so it was all cilantro for us.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

CSA 2012: Week 10

I can't believe we're only on week 10!  It feels like we've been eating delicious produce forever.  I LOVE IT!

This choice group also included cabbage and cilantro and I think eggplant too.  I got a bunch of cilantro and one eggplant.  I think my mom took two eggplants.

Melon & watermelon! Delicious!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CSA 2012: Weeks 8 & 9

We are now starting to get into the summer produce - my favorite kind!  It's a welcome break from greens, greens, greens (especially when they are mostly lettuce).  I need to start updating every week... these posts are getting way too long.

Week 8:

 I believe the other member of this choice group was cabbage.

Week 9:
 I think we got only eggplant from this choice group.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CSA 2012: Weeks 6 & 7

Well, my two weeks of picking up the CSA share were great.  Although I do like the pick-your-own, it was kind of nice to not have any!

Week 6

 I grabbed a bunch of chives, which I used in a batch of dill butter that ended up in the freezer.

 From this choice group of 6 pieces total, I took two bunches of scallions...

 ...two bunches of fennel (a few small bulbs bunched together) and two heads of green cabbage.

 From this choice group I got two fabulous bunches of Tuscan kale, which I used for my favorite raw kale salad.

Note that the individual and family size tags are switched, so with my abbreviated attention span, I took only two zucchini instead of four.  Oh well.

Week 7

 I didn't pick my own anything this week.

 The signs were right this time, so I got my 4 pieces :)

 I got some huge heads of garlic!

 There were a lot of bugs in the corn, but I think I got some good non-buggy ears...

 From this choice group, I got one head of cabbage, one bunch of scallions, and two bunches of fresh red onions (that's the sign with the glare on it).  I picked bunches of smaller onions with the idea of putting them on the grill.

And just because I love food and pictures of food...

I hope I get to go back again soon!  Honey Brook makes my day! :)