Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 6

In the past week I've done a lot of cooking!  Lots of posts to come on those.  Among other things, I made a white bean and garlic scape dip, plus garlic scape pesto which now lives in the freezer, and two pints of refrigerator dill pickles.

Nothing to pick again this week!  In addition to this week's picks (see below) I still have a few garlic scapes, plus last week's kale which transferred over to me when my mom didn't use it (tsk tsk!)

This week, my mom took the beets, summer squash, and lettuce, plus one of the 4 heads of broccoli.  I have the other 3 heads of broccoli and the radicchio, which I was initially planning to try to swap with a friend for something from her garden.  But I found a recipe for radicchio braised in orange juice, and I thought it might make a nice side for a simple dinner - I think I'll try that instead.

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