Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nutty Oatmeal Cookies

As our dessert, Haley and I wanted to make oatmeal cookies. To keep it healthier, I used the recipe for Nutty Oatmeal Cookies in Food Matters. We both HATE oatmeal raisin cookies, so we left out the fruit altogether and opted for walnuts and chocolate chips.

I used white whole wheat flour in place of 1/2 of the flour and it worked out just fine. I might try 100% white whole wheat flour next time. The stuff is great. It is admittedly heavier than AP flour but it seems to work for me. I might also try oat flour, and I might also try some of the vegan variations.

The cookie turned out delicious. It is moist and chewy just like an oatmeal cookie should be. Looking back, I was a little too generous with the chocolate chips, so I will probably use less next time. Ken thought it tasted "healthy" and wanted me to make the ones I used to make, but I will definitely be making these again. I also popped some in the freezer for another day - maybe I will bring one with lunch when school starts.

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  1. yum yum. here's what i did. after they were in the fridge, i put the amount i was going to eat in the microwave for 30 seconds. pour a glass of milk and eat eat eat. you can even dip them in the milk. i just like how they get even more moist after you put them in the microwave and they taste almost freshly baked.
    yum yum yum.
    no amount of chocolate chips is too generous.
    the end.