Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Breakfast Couscous

I am trying to eat breakfast more regularly, since studies show it makes you more likely to be thinner. I decided to try the Breakfast Couscous from Food Matters. I do like oatmeal a lot so I thought this would be an easy switch.

I sort of followed the recipe in the book. I made whole wheat couscous, and added a sliced banana and chopped walnuts, with a drizzle of honey, then mixed it all together. I scooped up some to-go for Ken to go to work.

I liked the breakfast. It was a good serving size - small but big enough to fill me up, and it really tasted like breakfast. I was a little worried that I was going to be thinking of dinner eating couscous, but it worked well. I think using whole wheat couscous helped too, and the banana walnut combination that I chose really did it for me. I could see that combination working really well with mixed grains too.

The honey added a little sweetness, but I'm not a person who loves sweetness - I don't add sugar to my oatmeal (although I do often make it with vanilla soymilk). So it was just a bit too sweet for me, but not to the point where I couldn't eat it. Next time I will have to consider how the banana gets all mashed up and sweetens it too. I might also make this again trying different combinations, and I would love to try some dried fruit as well.

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