Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 2

Today we went for our weekly CSA pickup and came home with 2 lbs of spinach, 2 bunches of radishes, 2 heads of baby lettuce, and about 1/2 lb of arugula, although we were entitled to a full pound.  I didn't think I could use that much, so I didn't take it - I don't want to throw it away again.  We also picked 2 quarts of strawberries.  Unfortunately, something crazy is going on with the strawberries - they are infested with a gray mold that is affecting both ripe and unripe berries.  I think the excessive rain we've had probably contributed to that, but I'm nervous even to eat the ones we picked that look fine!  It was really hard to find ones that did not appear to be affected.  I'm not anticipating a very large quantity for next week, and there might not be any at all.

This week I'm hoping to make the Spiced Coconut Spinach again, and the Ottolenghi Red Rice and Quinoa, though I don't have any red rice so I'll have to use something else.  I also expect that this side dish will make an appearance over the holiday weekend... I'll be sure to share a few notes on that, since we made it a bunch of times last year.  We prefer our radishes roasted ever since that recipe.

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