Thursday, May 19, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 1

Our first trip to the farm of the year was a few days ago, on Tuesday (5/17).  We got 2 quarts of strawberries - they are the Chandler variety, which is what they use in California, so they are BIG strawberries like you would see in the grocery store.  We were pleasantly surprised to find some other things at the farm stand, and we went home with a full bag of arugula (there are no scales in the field so it wasn't determined by weight) and four bunches of French breakfast radishes.  After we left the muddy parking lot of the strawberry fields we stopped by the herbs and got chives with purple flowers, flat-leaf chives, some mint, oregano, and "fool's thyme" which is yet to be identified.

I ate the strawberries as a snack already, and my mom took the radishes and most of the herbs.  I've got the arugula and some chives to use up.  This year I don't want to wait to post what we got, and I don't want to do a day-by-day list of how we use things.  I'm going to keep it less structured and just write what I think will be helpful for next year.  And hopefully I'll have some nice photos to share as well!


  1. So the way your CSA works is that you go and actually pick things up at the farm- as opposed to receiving it in a box? how cool is that?! do you pick things yourself in the fields, or are they waiting for you at a stand? how far of a drive is it? sounds awesome! i'm jealous ;)

  2. Yes it is awesome! It is about 40 minutes away from me. When you get there, there is a farm stand where they have some produce (as an example, today they had spinach, arugula, radishes, and lettuce). They have signs telling you how much you can take based on whether you have a family-size share or individual share (so 2 bunches of radishes for a family share, 1 for an individual share). Then they have pick-your-own fields, and they give you a quantity (today we got 2 quarts of strawberries for our family share). Today we were there for about an hour, but mid-summer and early fall when there is a LOT of produce in season, we are sometimes there for 2-3 hours. It's fun but if you have anywhere to be, sometimes it's not that great to pick your own. Overall I really like it though!

  3. That sounds so fun! I love it! I can imagine that sometimes it's not so fun to pick your own things in the field, but it must be very inspiring overall to actually see your food growing!