Monday, April 19, 2010

White Bean and Mushroom Stuffed Red Peppers

I made this white bean and mushroom stuffed red pepper dish a while ago, around the time I made the sauteed mushrooms alongside the pan-glazed tofu.  But I never wrote about it, and just found the pictures in my photo folder.

Why didn't I write about it?  Well, I didn't really like it.

Normally I wouldn't bother to post something I didn't like (unless there was a semi-interesting story/disaster involved).  But the thing about this was that it wasn't bad.  I wanted to like it.  I just don't think I like beans.  I want to like beans, which is why I made this in the first place.  And I might make it again, with WAY LESS beans, and I might like it like that.

If you like beans, though, I recommend that you try this.  I do love roasted red peppers and mushrooms.  There were enough flavors in this that I was able to eat it.  There was just something off for me, and it was the beans.  I never ate many beans at any point in my life, so maybe it is an acquired taste, in which case I hope I acquire a taste for the nutritious little buggers.

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