Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Squash Soup

I made this Summer Squash Soup from Super Natural Every Day with last week's zucchini, which were starting to look a little sad.  The squash is supplemented with potatoes and onions to make a pretty close rendition of a Thai red curry dish.  The key difference is that only half of the liquid in this recipe is coconut milk, and light coconut milk at that, while the restaurant dish is entirely coconut milk, presumably full-fat, and therefore has loads of calories.

I like that this dish tasted like takeout, but it did not fill me up at all.  I desperately wanted brown rice to go under it.  I ended up satisfying my afternoon craving for carbs with a terrible granola bar from the cafeteria and a cinnamon sugar donut left over from someone's morning event.  Also, the squash got pretty squishy, so I would love to try this with a heartier winter vegetable like cauliflower.

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