Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 13

Here are some flower pictures from this week's flowers.  They are so pretty.  This week we forgot the bucket so we only picked a few. We got 8 sunflowers which bulk it up and mom picked a bunch of other ones to fill it in.  I think they look really nice.  She should be a florist or a decorator.  Tell her that next time you see her.

This week, I bought some pickling cucumbers to make those awesome refrigerator pickles again.  I'll probably do this a few more times as long as cucumbers are available - I'm writing the date on top, so I'll eat the oldest ones first.  I hope they last at least into the winter.  Hopefully they'll last a little longer since they're sealed (but that won't stop me from eating them all...)

I also made the kale salad again, plus we used cabbage and tomatoes (and Cherry Grove ground beef) for tacos.  We have so many tomatoes - we even ate just plain tomatoes, with olive oil and flaky salt, for lunch one day.  I snacked on some nectarines.  And then there was the baked zucchini dish, which also used parsley and dill.

I had plans for so many more things, but I didn't get to them.  Unfortunately, this week I'm working 4 days instead of 3, so it's going to be rough getting to cook everything... but I'll find a way!  Luckily a lot of the produce, especially because it's so fresh, holds up really well.  My plan is to preserve some of the things I got today (freeze, for example) while I'm finishing up last week's.  I already froze three zucchini (grated and in rounds) and two quarts of okra.  Tonight I'll freeze two quarts of green beans and hopefully a few other things.  There are just not enough hours in the day.

So... what did we get this week?

Pick your own: eggplant, one small greenish/whitish one.  Herbs - thyme, oregano, parsley, lemongrass, mint, purple basil, fino verde basil.  8 sunflowers and a bunch of filler flowers to go with them, which you can see at the top of this post.  Mom picked a pint of raspberries, which I let her keep because she did all the work.  We split the four quarts of string beans evenly, and I took the 2 quarts of okra.

Garlic and onions - pantry staples that will last a little longer than most stuff we get.  I snagged both of these.  Mom tried to take the onions but when I saw how many she had already from the store I snatched them back.

I botched this one by taking one parsley and one cilantro even though we had just picked parsley.  Fortunately I still have a ton of cilantro from the last few weeks... but I kept both.  (Mom kept the PYO parsley.)

I'm a little concerned about the longevity of this cabbage - it looks a bit yellow already - but I took it and I'm sure I'll do something with it...

Swiss chard came home with me.  Hopefully I find something to do with it.  This is one of the ones that concerns me the most.

Mom took the peppers to give to her reading group.  We really hate the green ones.  Why don't they give us any red ones?!

I took this basil again even though I probably won't get to use it.  We took all the good leaves off and put them in a bag so I'll try to make pesto with them.  They're not a great variety - they smell like licorice.

I took two big bumpy fat eggplants and two skinny lighter purple Asian eggplants.  No one in my family likes them, so they are all mine.

The summer squash selection was not good this week.  There were lots of pattypan squash.  We have had them before and they weren't a big hit with us.  Fortunately my strategy of hovering for an extended period of time allowed me to swoop in on a new bin and dig some yellow crookneck and regular dark green zucchini out from underneath the pattypan avalanche.

Mom kept the potatoes.  I still have some from the past few weeks.

The cherry tomatoes came home with me.

We split the slicing tomatoes evenly.  I used more than she did last week.  It's interesting that we have half as many people and eat twice as much produce.

It's time to get freezing!  I can't wait for sauce tomatoes!  We'll be canning those :)

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