Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 12

This is where I like to spend my Tuesdays.

Week 12 of our CSA was a big day for us.  Tons of PYO, and even more in the farm stand.  My refrigerator looks like a farm.  Of course, I love it!

Here's the PYO board.

Picking all that was exhausting!  We got okra and string beans, fino verde basil, raspberries, two pretty sunflowers, a bucketful of many different flowers, a big bunch of mint... really good stuff.

Now, the farm stand:

Cabbage and scallions... we took one of each.  I took the cabbage, mom took the scallions.

Dill vs. cilantro... 2 bunches of cilantro, one for each of us.

Despite last week's garbage bag of basil, we took the CSA basil.  My mom doesn't like it - she thinks it tastes like fennel - and while I notice a difference, I figured I would give it a shot.  After only a few hours some of the leaves were turning brown, so I don't think it will last very long.  I remember this happening last year too...

We were hoping these peppers would turn colors other than green - the two I took turned yellow, hopefully my mom's are turning too.

I managed to snag 4 pretty big eggplants this week.  I'm happy since last week we didn't get any.

Zucchini!  It just keeps coming!  I took only 2 this week, mom got the rest.

3 pounds of cherry tomatoes.  This week they were bigger red ones.

Beets... for mom.

Outside, things started to get even more exciting.

Potatoes... not too bad.  These keep pretty well, so I am always glad to have them.

16 pounds of tomatoes! Totally crazy.  We tried to pick a mix of ripe and underripe ones to stagger them for the week.


Little cantaloupes... 
...and a watermelon!  We chose the red flesh variety.

Awesome.  I am looking forward to the upcoming week.  Tonight for dinner I made a roasted vegetable dish with an eggplant sauce from Tender which used last week's red bell pepper, a zucchini from last week, my last straggler tomato from last week, an onion I bought at last week's market, and an eggplant.

Last week I didn't cook too much, and actually, I don't remember much of it either.  I made the kale salad again, of course.  Then there's the summer squash soup and the cucumber salad I recently posted about.  I'm sure there have been a few more, but those are the ones that stand out to me.  Hopefully there are more good things to come this week!

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