Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Mojito" Iced Tea

This recipe for "Mojito" Iced Tea caught my eye when I was reading an article about cold-brew coffees and teas not too long ago.  I was waiting to get some of the components to try it out, but I gave up and substituted instead.  I could not get full-leaf oolong tea, so I used the Tazo China Green Tips, which I think were the only plain green tea we had in the house.  I also didn't measure the mint and lemon balm, which might have thrown it off a little.  Was I supposed to halve that peach?  I don't think so, but it looks pretty, so whatever.

This was a bit bitter on its own, perhaps from being tea and steeping for hours and hours, but it was actually really good in iced tea lemonade (our lemonade used a variation of Martha Stewart's classic lemonade recipe, most notably that we used HALF the sugar and it's still too sweet for us).  I won't make this again anytime soon... maybe when I get the right tea?

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