Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Healthy Crepes!

Georgie sent me a healthy crepe recipe to help re-create my creperie experience.  The recipe used egg whites, cottage cheese, oats, and vanilla to make a healthier version of the delicious crepe.  I liked that you just drop everything in the blender and out comes a batter!

Here is my first crepe.  Oops.

That's more like it!

Despite the somewhat unusual ingredients, the crepes were tasty.  I like dessert crepes, not savory ones, so next time I'll try adding a little natural sweetener to the batter - maybe some honey or agave nectar.

I filled my crepes with blueberries and topped them with powdered sugar.  With such a plain filling, I wished the crepes were sweeter, but they would have been perfect with Nutella and bananas!


  1. Looks beautiful! Don't worry everybody botches the first one :)

    Go get some nutella!


  2. I think Alton Brown said that in the crepe episode of Good Eats... nobody ever gets the first one right!