Friday, July 16, 2010

Magnolia Bakery: Hummingbird Cupcake

Here's a little inspiration that I wanted to save for a future occasion.  I went to New York City for Restaurant Week, and before checking out a few galleries we stopped at Magnolia Bakery for a breakfast cupcake.  ("Breakfast" and "cupcake" are allowed to be used in the same phrase on rare and special occasions!)

There were a lot of classic choices - vanilla with chocolate frosting, chocolate with buttercream frosting, etc etc etc.  Those don't excite me too much.  If I have a cupcake, I want it to be a special one.  I chose the Hummingbird Cupcake based on the description: banana and pineapple with a cream cheese frosting and pecans on top and crushed up inside.  YUM!  It was absolutely delicious.  I thought this would be great to recreate at home next time I need to make a sweet treat like this - and I can make it healthier too.  It's also a neat flavor combination for a potential future muffin.


  1. How cute! I absolutely love the name. Yes, that's definitely lighten-up-able. I'd love to see your take on it!


  2. I made these as-is for Andrea's birthday using the cupcake and frosting recipes from one of the Magnolia Bakery cookbooks (I used the "look inside this book" on Amazon!) and they came out absolutely delicious! Just like the bakery version.

    Now that I have a recipe to work from, and have made it successfully, I will definitely be able to lighten it up into a healthier muffin. I used applesauce to replace some of the oil anyway, and I thought it was very sweet - the bananas supplied a lot of the sweetness naturally, so I'm sure I could cut back on the sugar as well.