Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CSA 2012: Week 3

I just stopped by my mom's to pick up some of the produce she got this week.

PYO strawberries - I am lucky enough to have gotten a few of them.

Summer squash - none for me!  I thought it was early for squash, but I think the heat may be a factor.

Lettuce... of course.  This week I got some deer tongue lettuce, which I like because it looks cool!

Mom loves beets...

The boc choy was unfortunately pushed to the back of the fridge, where it froze a little... oh well.  I got to take one head home with me.

Knowing that broccoli is my FAVORITE! she kindly let me take home 3 heads.

I got most of the garlic scapes, which I think I may try to pickle this year.  I'm thinking my large stock pot should be big enough for hot water bath canning 3 pint jars...

I got the arugula.  I have some plans for it, which I can hopefully share as a success story soon...

I received a bit of fun news as well - my mom's friend got a share for her family this year, and they are going on a 2 week vacation.  She so kindly offered her share to me and I will even get to pick it up myself :) I have so missed the farm this year - every Tuesday I am so sad to be driving to work instead of to Pennington - but I can swing it for a short term opportunity like this.  I am looking forward to reconnecting with something that makes me so happy!  In just a few weeks I'll be sharing my own pictures instead of my mom's.  Looking forward to it :)

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