Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CSA 2012: Weeks 1 & 2

It's my favorite time of year - beach weather has arrived in full force, and our CSA has started up again.  The first pickup was last Tuesday and the second was today.  In the past week, I enjoyed a few of my favorite things.  A bowl of arugula with olive oil and flaky salt, spinach sauteed in garlic as a side to salmon.  Today I even ate a plain salad - just lettuce with olive oil, balsamic, salt and some feta cheese.  I'm looking forward to chomping on some more delicious produce in the next few weeks, though due to my job, I have been (brutally and terribly) forced to step back from the CSA and let my mom take over.  It's early in the season, so she is still optimistic about being able to use all the produce and is less willing to hand it over to me... but soon she will be begging me to take it off her hands!

Week 1

Unfortunately, a few days after our first pickup, we heard the bad news that a bad hailstorm had passed over one of the farms owned by our CSA.  They estimated losses of tens of thousands of heads of lettuce, as well as kale, cabbage, and other spring crops.  We are super sad but understand that nature can't be controlled (and shouldn't be!) so we'll see how our share looks over the next few weeks.

Week 2

Turnips or kale? (We pick kale!)

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