Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 10

Here's what I've been doing with some of the produce we've been getting.  (Local ingredients in bold.)

I made a vegetable soup based on this Soup au Pistou recipe.  It barely fit in the pot with all the vegetables, so I left out the beans and the pasta, and now I have some frozen 1-cup portions of a plain vegetable soup to dress up however I like.  In this soup I used onions, leeks, celery, cauliflower, and canned tomatoes from the grocery store along with kale and zucchini from our CSA.

Below is our lunch from Saturday.  In the big bowl is Pasta with Fresh Corn Pesto, which was an excellent use of 6 of the 12 ears of corn we got from the CSA this week.  One of the small side bowls is the Chopped Miso Salad that's become a family favorite (and still gaining fans with extended family and friends).  Here I used cabbage and scallions from the CSA, plus carrots and onions from the Princeton farmers' market.  In the second small bowl is a cucumber salad that my friend made.  It's a recipe her family always makes - a simple salad with vinegar and a bit of sugar.  Her boyfriend grew the cucumbers and red onions himself.  That's super local - I love it.

Ken made me the delicious French-inspired omelet pictured below, using, among other things, zucchini and mushrooms.  I'm hanging onto this recipe for when I open a cafe or write a cookbook - too good to share!  There's some fresh squeezed orange juice in that mason jar.

So now that you've seen what I've been doing... Here's what I got this week.

 We chose 2 bunches of spring onions - 1 each.

We chose 2 bunches of cilantro - 1 each.

 I took this home.

 I took this too.

 We split these.

 I got 4 out of the 6 of these.

We also got some pretty flowers.  I'll try to post some flower pictures next week.

I have a few things planned for the upcoming week... zucchini pickles, zucchini gratin, and a favorite meatloaf recipe, among other things.

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