Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 9

So a quick update... I made a TON of vegetable soup on Sunday night, I'll post about it later.  I used zucchini and kale from the farm, plus a cauliflower that was sitting in my fridge from the market around the corner, some small potatoes leftover from the frittatta I made a few weeks ago, and onions, leeks and celery from the grocery store.  We haven't been getting too much done food-wise since I'm in class what feels like every night.  This week won't be much better, which is too bad because...

Today was a great produce day!  Still nothing to pick, which I am thankful for because it is sooo hot out today.  But we got some exciting things!  Let's go through my thought process (with pictures!) ...

Hmm, choice group.  No beets?  Ok... two bunches of scallions.
 Hmm... no kale?  Sad.  I should try collards though...
Only 4 heads of lettuce?  Thank god!!!  They're all red though... 
Oh good, they have the less curly ones, I'll take those.
Zucchini.  12?!!? YAY ZUCCHINI!!!
How am I going to fit this all in my fridge?!?!
The end.

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