Sunday, April 10, 2011

White Beans & Cabbage

It's finally here - Heidi's new book, Super Natural Every Day, arrived in the mail on Tuesday.  I first made the White Beans & Cabbage pictured on the cover on Wednesday with little success.  The idea is for potatoes and white beans to brown before being tossed with finely shredded cabbage.  I tried to use a stainless skillet, so my potatoes basically crushed themselves into a sheet at the bottom of the pan and prevented everything else from browning.  The result was decent enough to make me want to try again, so I went for it on Friday night with a non-stick skillet.  Everything turned out the way it was supposed to this time, and a generous dusting of finely grated Parmesan tied it all together.

One fun trick I discovered while making this recipe was how to get a fine shred out of cabbage.  I cut it into four quarters, then put the outside part down and held the core with my left hand, kind of like an upside-down triangle.  I ran my knife along the cut side with a downward motion.  I got most of the cabbage shredded finely this way and only had to slice a bit of it.  Knowing this makes me much more inclined to buy and cook cabbage.

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