Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Harissa Ravioli

The Harissa Ravioli is this week's second Super Natural Every Day recipe.  It's somewhat similar to the Harissa Spaghettini recipe I posted last month - they both have a spicy, lemony harissa oil dressing.  This one, however, uses ravioli as the pasta (we used a spinach/ricotta stuffed ravioli) and broccoli florets.  We added feta to the Harissa Spaghettini, and this recipe actually calls for it.

We liked this a lot.  We are really digging the stuffed pasta dishes.  Here, I could have swapped out some of the broccoli - maybe for some of the leftover asparagus from the Tortellini Salad.  I used half of the harissa called for, and it was plenty spicy - this stuff is pretty strong.  I omitted the black olives out of laziness (and Ken hates them) and we decided on toasted slivered almonds for the crunchy aspect, but I'd like to try the pepitas next time.  The recipe says it serves 4, but we used slightly less ravioli and polished it off between the two of us.  I see some more stuffed pasta dishes in our future!


  1. Hey Monica! Do you have a ravioli brand you recommend?

  2. Hi Monica, I just found your blog! I love seeing all the recipes you've made from the books we're cooking through over at 101cookbooks library! I need to spend more time with your blog tomorrow and over the weekend when I have some more time as it looks mouth-watering.

    Question for you... did you buy harissa or make your own? Last year I made my own but never used it and so threw it out recently and now I'm wondering if I should make my own (I was going to use the Moro East one) or if there's a brand that people recommend and where I'd find it at the grocery store.

    Also, send me your email and I'll send you my recipe list.


  3. On the off chance that these recipes will go to your emails... Lisa, just sent you an email a day or two ago, and I got my harissa on Amazon, I just picked the cheapest one, but I can't find it at any grocery stores - my Whole Foods stopped carrying it because it was unpopular, or so they say - I did see some at Williams-Sonoma though.

    Charlotte, I can't think of the brand right now, but I get the ravioli at Whole Foods, fresh not frozen, they keep it near the produce in my store. I'm just crossing my fingers that since you're geographically pretty close to me that you would be able to find it from that description... hopefully next time I get it I'll remember to look at the name. It's in a clear package, kind of a flimsy plastic tray.

    I feel so bad that I'm just seeing these comments now. I didn't think anyone even read my blog!!!

  4. Oh crap, these "recipes" I meant comments! Ahh!