Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nutella and Banana Sandwich

Sometimes I get up around 4AM to run before work. (Yes, I am crazy!) Usually I eat a little something before I go, just a few bites to keep my stomach from growling, but today I was too sleepy and didn't even think of it. So when I got back from my run I was STARVING! I saw some ripe bananas on the counter and was reminded of my afternoon spent catching up with Closet Cooking posts yesterday, where I saw a gooey sandwich with Nutella and bananas.

I put two slices of cracked wheat bread in my toaster oven. (I got this bread at Stop & Shop when I couldn't find the regular bread aisle. I can never find what I am looking for there and it is always SO obvious.) While it was toasting, I cut 9 banana coins, which was about half the banana. When the toast was done I put a dollop of Nutella on each slice and spread it thinly. There is no reason to have a lot of Nutella, but everything is better on BOTH sides of your sandwich. Then I placed the 9 banana coins on the bread, overlapping a little in 3 rows.

At first I thought the sandwich might be too banana-y, but I think it turned out to be the perfect amount of banana. After assembling I cut the sandwich into two triangles.

One minor problem I encountered was that it cooled down very quickly. The toast did not keep it warm enough. I tried to solve this by putting the whole sandwich in the toaster oven. It worked for a few seconds and then got cool again. Luckily it was still very tasty.

I look at a lot of food blogs, and all the ones I like take fancy pictures. I have been using my Blackberry (and my mom's iPhone, which explains those few better pictures) but I am going to TRY to start using my digital camera. I used to really like photography, so I think I can handle taking some nicer pictures of my food. Look forward to higher quality images - coming soon!

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