Monday, July 13, 2009

Almond Chive Salmon with Lemon Dill Green Beans

I just got myself a present, a brand new Cuisinart food processor, so I absolutely had to use it over the weekend. I had bookmarked a recipe for Almond Chive Salmon that called for a food processor and decided it would be delicious with some Lemon Dill Green Beans.

It is always a challenge for me to do more than one thing at a time! So, I began by chopping the parsley and making the bread crumb mixture. I used whole wheat bread, of course, instead of white bread. I made the mixture in my food processor as directed and I was thrilled with it! I love my food processor. I plan to take advantage of it frequently.

Here's a tip for those of you who do not like to clean: whenever I bake fish (or something similar) I put down aluminum foil on my pan. That way, you can just crumple it up and toss it in the trash and you have one less thing to wash!

I steamed the green beans, which was also the first time I ever used the steamer pot thing! The recipe said 5-7 minutes, so I turned the heat off after 5 and left them for another 2 minutes. I like cooked veggies to be crunchy, and they turned out wonderful. When they were done, I mixed them with the vinaigrette and it was delicious. (I just had to stick my finger in and taste a little because it smelled so good!)

Because I cook for two and most recipes are made for 4, I halved the crust mixture for the salmon. I still had too much. I followed the recipe for the lemon dill vinaigrette, but I used fewer green beans than the recipe called for. I am now noticing that the salmon recipe suggests using different herbs besides parsley, so I think if I make this again I will use dill for both for more consistency. I might also cook the salmon for a shorter time.

Unfortunately I timed things poorly. My green beans were ready about 5 minutes before the salmon, which doesn't sound like a long time, but was enough to cool them down a little more than I would have liked. Next time, I should get the salmon in before mixing the vinaigrette. I might also cook the salmon for a minute or two less, because I felt that it came out a little on the dry side, and it would have been yummy if I squeezed some lemon over it as well. But it was delicious, and I would definitely have it again! I might try it with asparagus instead of green beans, as the recipe suggests. I was a little hesitant about not having a carb-y side, but the dish was filling enough as-is.

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  1. I might have enjoyed this one - I LOVE almonds.