Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black Bean Enchiladas

These Black Bean Enchiladas were on the roster for the Deborah Madison feature months on 101 Cookbooks Library.  I was a day late in making them, but since I already had the Black Bean Chili made and this exact quantity set aside in the freezer, as well as some tomatillo sauce that I had frozen from a canning session a few months ago, it was just a matter of assembly and a brief baking time.  Who can say no to a quick and easy dinner?  I ended up trying this with both the black bean chili and the black bean and butternut squash chili as fillings - I liked Deborah Madison's black bean chili better in the enchiladas.  The cotija cheese was oozy and gooey but I felt I went a little overboard with the amount.  The tomatillo sauce was an interesting sauce, but it didn't really envelop the enchiladas, even though I used more than the amount called for in the recipe.  Ultimately, this was an OK dish - A+ for ease and speed, but not so interesting to eat.  Ken had some leftovers for lunch and seemed to like it.  I would like to try enchiladas again, maybe with the red sauce that Deborah Madison recommends as a substitute for the tomatillo sauce, but I'm not in a rush to have them anytime soon.

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