Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quick Thai Chicken and Vegetable Curry

I want to use as much as possible of the little jar of Thai red curry paste before it goes bad. I read in one of the recipes that it will keep for about a month and I am approaching that point. I found this recipe from Eating Well magazine and it looked pretty similar to the slow cooker one, but with a greater variety of vegetables and (obviously) made on the stove instead. I made some brown jasmine rice to go with it, which absorbs the curry and makes it less liquidy (my personal preference).

I am glad I found this one because it was very, very good. The leftovers were lovely as well. I had it for lunch one day, and dinner the next, and there is still some left! You can estimate the amount of vegetables - I used a little more cauliflower - and you could probably add/swap some other things in here as well, if you have a handle on their cooking times. I definitely plan to make it again, and I might try it again with tofu instead of chicken.

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