Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Whole Living Healthy Detox: Week 3

I would feel incomplete if I didn't post about week 3 of the detox (the FINAL week YAY!) but I don't have much to say.  By this point I was very tired of all the work I had to do to eat - I couldn't reach into my freezer to grab lunch for work, I couldn't eat anything in the cafeteria, I kept buying more veggies than I had time to actually cook.  It was getting stressful and I'm glad it's over.  During the final week, I was able to add back eggs and gluten free grains, so I sustained myself on scrambled eggs (extra whites), hardboiled eggs borrowed from a coworker, and oatmeal with chopped nuts and dried fruit mixed in.  Rice played a big role as well.  All in all, I managed to lose 4 pounds, which has really come in handy lately as I am squeezing into suits from 2009 for job interviews :)  But I'm so glad to be back to eating normal, trying to be mindful and incorporate some of the lessons learned about my relationship with food over the course of the detox.  It's clear to me that I rely heavily on grains in my diet, and that if I deprive myself of something it comes back to bite me later when I binge on 20 of that thing and 500 other things!

Would I do it again?  Maybe... but not for quite a while!  I feel that if I try to incorporate the lessons I learned and make a point to "be good" during the day at work, I can keep my weight in check without having to do an extreme diet like this one.

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