Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CSA 2011: Week 25

This week, my friend came with me to the farm so I could show her around and see how things are done.  She'll be picking up my next share (if there is one) while I am on a fabulous vacation.  It's funny because I'll only be here for a few days this week, but I still ended up taking home most of the produce.  She had a bit more self-control, taking only what she thought she would use.  I felt the need to snatch up whatever she wasn't taking.  I probably should learn not to do this...

No PYO this week!  My friend did take a bit of mint.  There are a few herbs left which are unlimited picking.

Broccoli is my favorite.  I took this home.  (on purpose!)

I took 6 tiny hot peppers.

I got 2 Chinese/napa cabbage - Small ones, because I don't need a lot this week.

My friend took 3 heads of red lettuce.  She didn't want the 4th so I found a tiny green one.

I took about 1/2 pound of the lettuce mix and I believe my friend took about the same.  Maybe I should have taken a bit more...

We each took a bunch of carrots.

My friend took one tomato and I took three.

And that's a wrap!  I think next week will probably be the last week of the season, and I doubt we'll participate in the "pig out" where you go into the fields and harvest whatever you want, donating a portion of it.  So, it's been another great year and we've eaten a lot of tasty food.  I have a lot of interesting things in the freezer for the winter and a long list of things to do with them.  I think I've gotten better at the freezing and canning thing, though I've still got a ways to go.  Next year I'll be even more prepared.  I'm looking forward to the winter break, but will be happy when spring comes and the CSA starts up again!

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