Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beef Bourguignon

When I was sick not too long ago, I spent about 4 days on the couch.  All I could do was watch TV.  Of course, I watched a ton of Food Network shows, including one episode of Tyler's Ultimate where he made Beef Bourguignon.  I think it was snowing out, and it just looked soooo good.  I love the Mushroom Bourguignon, but I thought it might be nice to share the beef version with our families, so we invited them over for dinner and that's what I made.  (Thanks to my sister Haley for the photo.  I was too busy rushing around to take any myself.)

After seeing the show on Food Network, I went to the FN website for the recipe.  Lucky for me, I read the comments.  A lot of people had no success with it, and those who did made several adjustments.  One commenter recommended going to Tyler Florence's website and getting the recipe from there, so I checked it out and found that it was similar enough to be the same recipe, but with some BIG differences.  I decided to go with Tyler's website version instead as it seemed to address many of the commenters' failures.

Fortunately, everything worked out well.  Everyone seemed to like the food.  Some of the pieces of meat turned out too tough, I think they were too big, but that's my fault for not cutting them smaller.  One thing I want to make note of is that I did not feel great after eating this.  It just felt really heavy and not very nourishing.  I'm probably going to move toward some healthier and possibly vegetarian choices very soon.

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  1. Not too heavy for me. I ate just enough. It really is delicious!