Friday, May 7, 2010

Barley Brownies

I made brownies for a party the other day.  From a box.  I know, I know, way to go against my own principles.  (Even worse was how many I ate...)  When I was putting away my bag of Bob's Red Mill barley flour yesterday, I noticed a recipe on the package.  A brownie recipe.  With barley flour.  Whole grain brownies.  YUM.  (Note: they are still not healthy.)

They came out delicious.  Brownies from a box, although they are probably full of things that I don't even want to know about, have a certain chocolatey deliciousness to them.  These definitely performed as well as a boxed recipe.  I like the dark chocolate fudge brownie mixes, so I'd like to play around with adding a little more chocolate to this recipe - maybe some melted dark chocolate.


  1. Mm, these sound tasty!

    And my favorite way to make "healthy" brownies is with black beans! No joke! Take box brownie mix, and stir in pureed black beans from the can (drained from all that gross liquid, add in a Tbsp of water to keep it moist.) They take a bit longer to cook than the box suggests, from my experience, but they are deliciously fudgey and rich. Mm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!!

  2. Kaitlyn, here is my favorite black bean brownie recipe: