Saturday, October 31, 2009

Almost Cheeseless Pasta Casserole

I have been meaning to make this Almost Cheeseless Pasta Casserole for a while. I had to wait for butternut squash season to make it, but I had one in my cabinet (they last a looong time!) so I decided to use it. I adjusted it slightly to match the tastes of my household (aka boyfriend) but it came out pretty yummy.

I skipped the mint and kalamata olives and used probably much more feta than intended (I guess I should knock off the "almost cheeseless" part then...). The yogurt mixture had me worried, but I made sure the pasta/squash/spinach was cool before mixing it in so it didn't curdle. I also left the almonds out of the mix because I had read in some of the comments that they got soggy in there, which is understandable given the large quantity of yogurt. I sprinkled some on top near the end of baking so that they wouldn't burn. They definitely added a nice crunch to the dish and it was good to have that different texture.

One thing I would definitely do differently is cut the spinach smaller. More like in the baked pasta casserole dish that I made a while back (on here... but I just made it the other day also) so that it wasn't so big and weird. I might cut the squash into smaller cubes instead of slices also.

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  1. I made this again today, just about 1 year later, without looking at my post as I normally do.

    I used kale instead of the spinach, which I tore into smaller pieces just as I said I should. I used a kabocha squash (I think it is, anyway) and cut it into very small cubes. I also added some broccoli because I had it and I like it. I used extra garlic, too (can't go wrong there).

    It came out delicious. This could definitely go in a lot of directions; I'd like to do a more experimental version in the next few weeks.